Get a good mood, come to the Heart of Finland!

We have here everything you need for a good holiday: things to do and to see, excitement and silence, fulfillment of expectations and also the deeply moving surprises of which the best memories are made.

Many return here over and over again because of the different hobbies that the change in seasons make possible. All-time favourites include e.g. fishing and boating, hiking and downhill skiing. Although the summer with many happenings is above the others, our ”crown jewels”, the internationally renowned art and culture destinations of the Heart of Finland, attract visitors all year round.

We are also proud of the small big pleasures we can offer you here. Because a good holiday is certainly also a mix of delicious tastes of the seasons and well slept nights in an accommodation chosen according to your own preferences. There are plenty of choices!    

It’s easy to come here, thanks to good traffic connections. For example from Helsinki by car or by train only little over two hours. You can also fly from Helsinki to Tampere or Jyväskylä and rent a car, or continue by bus. By bus you’ll get smoothly to all central locations of the region.