Travelling in the Heart of Finland
Travelling in the Heart of Finland
Travelling in the Heart of Finland
Travelling in the Heart of Finland

The Heart of Finland

A heartfelt holiday with good services is waiting for you here. Here you’ll find the contact details of the tourist informations in the 7 municipalities of the Heart of Finland.

Wintery road, Ruovesi


RUOVESI is known for Helvetinjärvi national park and Noitakäräjät (“witch trial”) event. You can come to visit also by boat along the famous water way Poet’s Way! The renewed guest marina in Ruovesi centre provides diverse services for visitors.

Tourist Information
Ruovedentie 17

34600 Ruovesi
Tel. +358 44 787 1388
Open in the summer



KEURUU is a fascinating and beautiful town by the highway 23, about 60 km from Jyväskylä. Here the nature with lake landcapes and high class services are near. Tourist attractions suitable for the whole family and over a thousand happenings a year!

Keuruu Tourist Office
Tourism Centre Kamana
Kangasmannilantie 4
42700 Keuruu
Tel. +358 40 572 5640


JÄMSÄ is known for its vivid summer happenings, beautiful nature near the river Jämsänjoki and the lake Päijänne and its unique felt tradition. The renowned Himos Holiday Centre offers entertainment all year round.

Jämsä Tourist Information
Keskuskatu 2–4 (Forum)
FI-42100 Jämsä
Tel. +358 50 372 0069


MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA is known as an Art Town where the history of the Finnish paper industry is vividly present. The Serlachius museums, Art Festival, Mänttä Music Festival and Food & Art happening provide top-level experiences to the visitors.

Mänttä-Vilppula Tourist Information
Hallituskatu 23
38500 Mänttä
Tel. +358 3 488 8555

Juupajoki on tunnettu kievarimuseosta ja Salokunta–Sahrajärvi -tien arvokkaista kulttuurimaisemista.


JUUPAJOKI is known for the at national level appreciated cultural landscapes of Salokunta-Sahrajärvi road. At the inhabited centre of Korkeakoski there is an old factory milieu, Shoe Museum Koskenjalka and the unique nature attraction Juupajoki ravine. You can arrive by train!

Tourist Information
(Juupajoki Library)

Kirkkotie 1
35500 Korkeakoski
Tel. +358 50 432 4020


VIRRAT is known as a summer town of hundreds of lakes and for the nature which invites the tourist to hike and fish. The Toriseva ravine lakes are situated near the center of the town. Perinnekylä (“Tradition village”) takes you to the rural scenery of the old times.

Tourist Information
Virtaintie 26 (Virrat town hall)
Tel. +358 3 485 1276
(Open during town hall opening hours)


Orivesi – the woollen sock capital of Finland, offers a pleasant atmosphere. During the summer, tourists will find several cultural sites, the historic Hörtsänä Arboretum, the natural gems of Pukala and Eräpyhä, and the Rönni Amusement Centre. The crowning experience of winter is the woollen socks running.

Taitokeskus Orivesi
(Craft and arts centre)
Keskustie 37, 35300 Orivesi
Tel. +358 50 355 9272


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