Hopealinjat, Hopearavintolat & Höyrylaiva Tarjanne

Suomen Hopealinja Oy & Oy Runoilijan tie

RUOVESI | Hopealinjat and Hopea­ravintolat offer lake tourism experiences in Finland’s most beautiful lake landscape. Our cruises will take you to Lake Pyhäjärvi, surrounded by green ridges, the blue open water of Lake Näsijärvi and the gentle waves of Lake Vanajavesi. Our ships set off from the Laukontori harbour to destinations including Viikinsaari, Visavuori and Hämeenlinna. We traffic from the Mustalahti harbour in Tampere via Ruovesi to Virrat on board the historical steamship S/S Tarjanne. Our package combines delicious meals, friendly service and magnificent lake views. See and experience Lakeland!

Laukontori 10 LH 2, 33200 Tampere
Tel. +358 10 422 5600