Orivesi Summer Festivals

Summer of Orivesi

ORIVESI | Orivesi shows its most beautiful side in the summer. Our cultural town hosts concerts, exhibitions and other events from early June to early September. Orivesi Summer Festivals offers a range of experiences, including exhilarating exhibitions at Art Centre Purnu and Leporanta Art Centre, brilliant plays put on at Rönni summer theatre, traditional open-air dance parties organised at Rönni Pavilion, the charming items sold at “Taitokeskus”, an arts and crafts shop, as well as the inspiring courses and lectures held at SuviOpisto, an educational institute. Entertainment and education – come enjoy the Orivesi Summer Festivals! •

PO Box 7, 35301 Orivesi
Tel. +358 40 596 3087
orivesi.fi/asukkaalle/kulttuuri/oriveden-suvi-orivesi | pia-maria.ahonen@orivesi.fi

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