27.-30.6.2024 | Music! in Ruovesi

RUOVESI | Chamber music festival Musiikkia! Ruovesi has been an important summer event in Pirkanmaa over the years – it also attracts the public from outside the province. Nowadays the festival offers tens of concerts in the summer, featuring both domestic and foreign leading musicians. Music! Ruovesi . Additional information.

24.6.–30.6.2024 | Muksufestarit – children’s festival

Muksufestarit Virrat

VIRRAT | Muksufestarit is the children’s event week full of fun. Plenty of things to do for children of all ages throughout the week, culminating on the weekend of June 29th–30th. Everyone can join in, with music and sports at the core of the festival. Come and experience the joy of using creativity and imagination […]

21.6.2024 | Midsummer in Virrat

Virtain Juhannus

VIRRAT | Virrat is the official Midsummer town of Finland and the family event MidsummerVirrat is the highlight of Midsummer Eve. There are plenty of activities for the whole family and also the traditional Midsummer fair. If the Finnish Midsummer is not yet familiar to you, our Midsummer event in the Virrat Heritage village is […]

20.-26.6.2024 | Midsummer Festival

KEURUU | Iso Kirja Great Christian Event in Keuruu. Most of the meetings in the main tent are interpreted into English, Swedish, German, Russian and Spanish. Please notice that on Friday and Saturday some of the meetings are interpreted also into Arabic and Farsi. There is a shuttle bus between Keuruu and Iso Kirja that […]

26.6.-4.7.2024 | Soiton Paikka Festival

KEURUU | The artistically high-level concert series offers great concert experiences for music lovers of all ages. The concerts include, for example chamber music, jazz and jamming. There are concerts during the day and in the evening. As concert venues, e.g. Keuruu Old church, Keuruu new church, Kulttuuritalo Kimara, school halls, Camping Nyyssänniemi, Petäjävesi old […]