Mänttä Art Festival

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | Mänttä Art Festival is Finland’s most exhaustive summertime look at contemporary art. The summer 2022 exhibition is open from 12 June to 31 August. The exhibition is curated by Markus Kåhre and represents visual artists but also musicians, writers and artists working in theatre and circus. The Festival will showcase artists who represent […]

25.5.-25.8.2024 | Koskenjalka Shoe and Leather Museum

JUUPAJOKI | The first Finnish shoe factory began manufacturing shoes in Korkeakoski in 1897. The factory was known for its military boots and clogs, among other products. The building nowadays houses the Shoe and Leather Museum, with old machines, tools and over a thousand pairs of shoes telling stories about shoe fashion and shoe manufacturing over […]

Serlachius Museum Gösta

Serlachius Museum Gösta

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | The Serlachius Museum Gösta offers an interesting display window to art in the middle of beautiful lake landscape. The art museum is spread over several buildings, a sculpture park and forested island. The exhibitions feature art from the golden era of Finland and contemporary art from Finland and abroad. The award-winning pavilion is a […]

Serlachius Museum Gustaf

Serlachius Museum Gustaf

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | Serlachius Museum Gustaf is located in the former head office of the forest combine G. A. Serlachius Ltd built in 1934. The historic, beautiful building houses exhibitions on four floors: industrial history and art combined. Stories have the main role in the museum. In the exhibition “Paper Devil” the visitors get to know the […]

Killinkoski Old Factory

Killinkoski Old Factory

VIRRAT | A ribbon factory milieu of cultural and historical value in Virrat. Into Centre portraying the life of master photographer I.K. Inha and the Nyström cultural family, the ribbon industry museum, Camera Museum of Finland, museum collections (voluntary fire brigade, barber/hairdresser of the past, photography atelier and collection of educational materials, nostalgic toys, architect Josef […]

Mänttä Music Festival

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | Established in 1999, the Mänttä Music Festival is Finland’s leading annual piano festival. In addition to presenting world-class international musicians, the festival aims to showcase pianists of the new generation. Since 2011, international piano master classes have been organised in connection with the festival. Since 2011, international piano master classes have been organised […]

25.5.-25.8.2024 | Kallenautio historical Inn Museum

Kallenaution kestikievari

JUUPAJOKI | Café of tasty pastries and historical Inn museum! Kallenautio started functioning as an inn in 1778. It offered accommodation also for many dignitaries like author Zachris Topelius. The inn stopped operating in 1928 when cars became common. The museum is situated in Juupajoki by the road 66 on its original location. There is also […]

27.-30.6.2024 | Music! in Ruovesi

RUOVESI | Chamber music festival Musiikkia! Ruovesi has been an important summer event in Pirkanmaa over the years – it also attracts the public from outside the province. Nowadays the festival offers tens of concerts in the summer, featuring both domestic and foreign leading musicians. Music! Ruovesi . Additional information.

Kirstin galleria

Kirstin Galleria

VIRRAT | Kirsti Koro’s artwork presents the colourful world of nature and plants. The gallery’s surroundings can be seen in the paintings, and the landscape, in turn, creates a background for the artwork. In addition to paintings, art cards based on Kirsti Koro’s work are sold at the gallery. Entry to the gallery is free. […]

Vanha Keuruu – Old Keuruu

Vanha Keuruu

KEURUU | Old Keuruu is an old and idyllic cultural environment. It centres around the old parsonage and its storehouse and stone cowshed, which testify to a centuries-long history. Keuruu Museum, housed in the old stone cowshed, puts on exhibitions around the year. Guided tours to, for example, the wooden churches in Keuruu and Pihlajavesi, […]