The Juupajoki Gorge

The Juupajoki Gorge

The Juupajoki Gorge is one of the many nature attractions of Juupajoki. In the nature reserve, an ice age mound of 21 m, there is a refreshing microclimate and a mysterious atmosphere that awakens the imagination of the traveller. Along the nature trails that pass through the rich variety of leafy vegetation, you may well […]

Juupajoki School DiscGolfPark

A short, 6-hole disc golf course is ideal for beginners and families with children. No upkeep in winter. Adress: Koulutie 1 35500 Korkeakoski school discgolf map You can borrow discs from local library! Contact here  

Kopsamo-Purnu Paddling Route

Kopsamo-Purnu Paddling Route

A paddling route from Kopsamo, Juupajoki to Orivesi, Längelmävesi passes through the most beautiful and culturally significant rural landscapes in Pirkanmaa. Route includes peaceful river passages and narrow lakes. There´s only two short rapids which requires carrying or floating the canoe/kayak. Route is perfect for all kinds of paddlers from starters to more experienced. Length […]

Gravel Cycling routes

The hugely popular gravel cycling is like designed for the Finnish landscape and roads! The gravel bike is completely at home on paved roads, but at its most own when the tarmac ends and the terrain becomes too rough for road bikes. On a gravel bike, the trip continues all the way to the forest […]

Golf Course Virrat

VIRRAT | Come and play a quick and cozy tour of the beautiful scenery! Golf Virrat is a 9-hole course near the Toriseva Gorge Lakes. Our par-68 course is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The length of the course is 4674 meters (yellow) and 4006 meters (red). The course is characterized by height […]

Sports Park and Sports Center

VIRRAT | Together, our sports park and sports center offer a wide range of sports for all ages all year round! You can exercise alone, with a friend or in a group; you can be a beginner, an active enthusiast, or something in between – in all cases, here you will always find suitably challenging […]

Heritage Village

VIRRAT | Come and see what life was like in Virrat over a hundred years ago! The Heritage Village is a unique museum area, where old buildings and exhibitions vividly tell about people’s work and leisure time from the 19th century to the 1960s. In the old cultural landscape on the historically valuable island of […]

Mäntänvuori recreation area

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | Mäntänvuori is a unique natural outdoor recreation area just a couple of kilometers from the center of Mänttä. The nature of the Mäntänvuori area consists of old forests, marshes and diverse vegetation types. There are three nature trails in the area. The shortest of them is a kilometer long, the other two are […]

Hyvärisenlampi Nature Trail

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | The Hyvärisenlampi (Pond Hyvärinen) nature trail in Kolho, Mänttä, is an excellent destination for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors, nature and togetherness. The nature trail, which is about a kilometer long, goes around Hyvärisenlampi in the coastal forest and sometimes in the vicinity of the waterside. The easy-going path also passes […]

The Finnish Civil War of 1918 in Vilppula – a guided route

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | The history of the Finnish Civil War (1918) is present in Vilppula. An important front line known as the Vilppula front passed through Vilppula from January to March 1918. For two months from the beginning of the war, Vilppula was a central place in this front line held by whites, preventing the reds […]

Ruovesi Sportspark

RUOVESI | Ruovesi Sports Park is an attractive sports venue full of diverse activities for the whole family. The changing seasons bring variety to the sports opportunities on offer. Always open sports park features a pumptrack, multi-use games arena, outdoor gym, street workout area, and climbing and balance equipment. You can borrow from the park […]

Siikaneva swampland

RUOVESI | Siikaneva, which covers more than 10 square kilometers, is the largest contiguous swampland in Pirkanmaa and the most important protected swamp site in the province. Siikaneva, which is mainly a state nature reserve and a private sanctuary, is for the most part a natural swampland. The area is especially suitable for day trips […]