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JÄMSÄ | Himos Holiday Centre provides enter­tainment all year round for all ages. Spend your holiday in a cozy atmosphere in your own rental villa sensing the international ambience of Himos. By a lake at the foot of the Himosvuori hill you’ll find diverse activities for both active holidaymakers and for those who like to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

At Himos, a cheerful mood is guaranteed. Downhill skiers and cross-country skiers appreciate Himos, the biggest winter sports centre of Southern Finland with 21 slopes and a skiing track network with the length of nearly a hundred kilometers. In winter, you can try also many other sports, like popular snowmobile safaris, dog sled rides and exotic ice-swimming.

In summer, Himos is a paradise of music festivals. For active  holidaymakers, the summer of Himos offers e.g. fishing and hiking trips, quad safaris, and a full-length golf course. Your amusement is crowned by party weekends of Himos Areena during the winter season, numerous events of summer season, bustling restaurant world and diverse shopping possibilities.

In the hinterlands of Himosvuori hill, at Hirvikartano, you have a unique possibility to meet moose, fallow deer and reindeer face to face and even kiss them! •

Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä
Tel. +358 20 711 9230 
www.himosholiday.com  |  himosholiday@himosholiday.com

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Covid-19 INFO

Travelling in the Heart of Finland you are able to enjoy services that are brought to you in a responsible and safe way. All current restrictions, recommendations and security needs are taken into account in the arrangements.

Restrictions caused by the Covid-19 may result in changes or cancellations in the offerings on the Site that are not immediately updated in the information provided. Check with event organizers and service providers for the latest situation.