Jämsä Disc Golf Courses

Disc golf

JÄMSÄ | In Jämsä, there are many free disc golf courses available to be used by both active disc golfers and those that are just getting a feel for the sport. The frisbee golf course in Lamminsuo, close to the centre of Jämsä, starts from the Puukilankatu street. Kievari Rantapirtti Inn in Koskenpää offers a disc golf course and sells and rents out discs. The hilly nine-hole course at Halli starts from the sports centre grounds on Jannentie. The newest forest course in the Jämsä area has 10 holes and is easily accessible. The starting point is located on the Jykintie street in Länkipohja. The 18-hole, foresty Myllymäki course in Jämsänkoski is suitable for both recreational and competitive use.

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