Hyvärisenlampi Nature Trail

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | The Hyvärisenlampi (Pond Hyvärinen) nature trail in Kolho, Mänttä, is an excellent destination for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors, nature and togetherness. The nature trail, which is about a kilometer long, goes around Hyvärisenlampi in the coastal forest and sometimes in the vicinity of the waterside. The easy-going path also passes partly along duckboards built over wetlands. 20 task boards have been placed along the nature trail. There are two lean-tos next to the path on the shores of the pond, where you can stop for a lunch break. The larger lean-to can accommodate up to 20 people. The lean-tos have neat campfire sites made of natural stone. If necessary, one of the lean-tos can also be reached by car. •

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