Mäntänvuori recreation area

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | Mäntänvuori is a unique natural outdoor recreation area just a couple of kilometers from the center of Mänttä. The nature of the Mäntänvuori area consists of old forests, marshes and diverse vegetation types. There are three nature trails in the area. The shortest of them is a kilometer long, the other two are three and five kilometers. The trails go around Mäntänvuori and often ascend the mountain. All trails can be reached from the side of the adjacent Mäntänvuori football field. At the top of the mountain is the Mäntänvuori tower. Its observation deck offers magnificent views of the city of Mänttä as well as the surroundings with forests and lakes. There is also a wheelchair accessible 800-meter path to the Mäntänvuori tower. •

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