Ruovesi Sportspark

RUOVESI | Ruovesi Sports Park is an attractive sports venue full of diverse activities for the whole family. The changing seasons bring variety to the sports opportunities on offer. Always open sports park features a pumptrack, multi-use games arena, outdoor gym, street workout area, and climbing and balance equipment. You can borrow from the park e.g. scooters and various sports equipment.

There are also several fields in the area for various sports, such as football, athletics, tennis and Finnish baseball, and in winter an ice rink for ice sports. Illuminated fitness tracks (1 km, 2.5 km and 3 km), hiking trails and a permanent orienteering course also start from the sports park. In winter, cross-country ski trails are provided for both classic and skate skiing on the fitness tracks and hiking trail. In winter, hockey enthusiasts and skaters will have an outdoor hockey rink and a skating area in the sports park. •

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