The Finnish Civil War of 1918 in Vilppula – a guided route

MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA | The history of the Finnish Civil War (1918) is present in Vilppula. An important front line known as the Vilppula front passed through Vilppula from January to March 1918. For two months from the beginning of the war, Vilppula was a central place in this front line held by whites, preventing the reds from attempting to move in the direction of Haapamäki railroad junction. The north side of Vilppulankoski rapids belonged to whites and the south side was dominated by reds. Monuments of both red and white sides can now be found in the area. The battle sites and narratives of the history from 1918 have been compiled into a Vilppula Historical Route. The route is a signposted walking route with 14 destinations, most of which are related to Civil War events. The route can be started from Vilppula railway station. You can walk the historical route either independently or by appointment with a guide. •

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