The Pukala recreational forest

An empty tent in the woods by a lake. Infront of the tent is a backpack.

ORIVESI | The campers’ dream destination. Pukala has been selected as one of the hundred pearls of nature of Finland. The deep and clear-watered Lake Pukala is located in the heart of the forest. Pukala is an excellent choice for campers and hikers. The area has plenty of marked hiking trails and several camping sites. The scenery varies due to different forest types, ponds and lakes. During autumn, the forest is a great destination for mushroom and berry picking.


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Covid-19 INFO

Travelling in the Heart of Finland you are able to enjoy services that are brought to you in a responsible and safe way. All current restrictions, recommendations and security needs are taken into account in the arrangements.

Restrictions caused by the Covid-19 may result in changes or cancellations in the offerings on the Site that are not immediately updated in the information provided. Check with event organizers and service providers for the latest situation.